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INITIATOR Artist-in-residence programme

Appel à projet
Date limite : 25.08.2018
Eleusis, Grèce

Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture launches Initiator, the first artist-in-residence programme fully dedicated to installation art (site specific, environments etc.). The goal of this residency is to provide space for research, experiment and production for emerging artists, aspiring to become a hub for installation art.

Initiator is open to Greek and international contemporary art practitioners in the beginning of their career with interest in installation art, providing them the opportunity to live and work in Eleusis for one month.

Initiator offers an one-week intensive workshop initiating the artists in the methodologies and practices of installation art with two Initiators (mentors): the curator Anne Langlois, co-founder of the contemporary art centre 40mcube (Rennes, France) and the artist Benoît-Marie Moriceau, co-founder of the workshop Mosquito Coast Factory (Nantes, France).

The activities of the Initiator programme are concentrated on the major “production” areas of Eleusis: the neighbourhood of Lower Eleusis, the port and the industrial zone. Thus, during the residency participants are urged to explore socio-political questions around work and de-industrialisation and interact with the local community.

Artists from the Balkan region are especially encouraged to apply.

Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture collaborates also with the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Serbia) for the selection.

This year, the result of Initiator artist-in-residence programme will lead to an exhibition that will take place in November-December 2018 in Eleusis with the guidance of this years’ Initiators.

The application deadline is August 25, 2018.

The results will be available around September 5, 2018 by e-mail.

Application period: 31.07.2018- 25.08.2018
The results will be available by September 5, 2018 via e-mail.

Initiator will start on October 8, 2018 and will last one month.

All applications are reviewed by the Initiators Anne Langlois (40mcube) and Benoît-Marie Moriceau (Mosquito Coast Factory), the Director of Contemporary Art of Εleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture, Eleni Riga in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina represented by the Senior Curator, Sanja Kojić Mladenov and the associate for the organization and coordination of projects of international cooperation, Tijana Filipov for the artists from the larger Balkan region.
Only successful Applicants are informed on the status of their application by email. Due to large numbers of applications, it is not possible to elaborate on individual decisions.

Who can apply?
We invite artists that have completed an arts education in Greece and/or abroad, preferably younger than 35 years old, with a background on installation art and a minimum of three exhibitions (solo and group shows).

How can I apply?
Send a short motivation letter at initiator@eleusis2021.eu, explaining your interest in installation art and your particular interest in Eleusis (not more than 1500 words in total) and a portfolio up to 10 MB.

Language: English. Participants’ number is limited.

What is included in the programme ?
One-week intensive workshop on installation art and guidance by this year’s guest initiators..
Group meetings and discussions between the residents and the guest initiators.
Individual meetings and guidance to enable each participant to develop his/her own installation to open in November 2018.

What Initiator provides?
Initiator provides accommodation, per diem, work budget (up to 500 euros) and covers the travel expenses for 2 international artists (up to 500 euros).
All successful candidates will stay in Eleusis and work with the local community for the whole duration of the programme.


Eleusis 2021
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